The Ridge prides itself on serving the community and taking care of its shoppers.
Community - The Ridge offers a secure, tranquil and enjoyable shopping experience for the local communities of Shallcross and Chatsworth through a wide variety of stores and regular community activities. The Ridge also helps these communities through generous contributions via our annual events and initiatives.
Safe and Clean – Safety and security is The Ridge’s top priority; we have a 24-hour security guard patrol and state-of-the-art CCTV system to provide you and your family with a safe shopping experience. The management team also works hard to maintain a clean and tidy environment to improve your experience.
Community Development - The Ridge is strongly committed to community development and upliftment through our various initiatives:
• Miss Ridge Teen pageant: We select an admirable ambassador to help inspire and motivate the youth.
• Polsec (Police Security): A security initiative between the local police and private security companies to help combat crime in the Shallcross and Chatsworth areas. 
• Events: We host a variety of events and activities to keep shoppers entertained and our community engaged.

Please download the Application Form and submit this to should you wish to exhibit at our mall.